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The Colorado Refuge, LLC




The Colorado Refuge, LLC

This is your Refuge away from your grind. Whatever that may be. When you choose to visit The Colorado Refuge, you will be welcomed into the unique retail area for a variety of custom artistic and handcrafted treasures. Come see us soon!

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about the owner

The Colorado Refuge, LLC was borne out of the charismatic imagination of Aron Bowen. Aron is a Colorado native of Buena Vista, CO hand-delivered in a cabin alongside the Cottonwood pass with only his Mom, Dad & two sisters present. Raised in the high elevation of the San Luis Valley in Alamosa, CO it was there that Aron grew an appreciation for the mountain tops, the open roads, and the free spirited lifestyle from which he originated. Upon turning 18 years of age and spreading his wings, he traveled 8,000 miles across this great country on his motorcycle. Just a man, his bike, his pack, and his thoughts. This, of course, was only the first of many more adventures and many more miles. 

While pursuing his licensed journeyman electrician title, Aron also became a certified Harley mechanic graduating from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. After 22 years in the electrical trade he overcame many hard knocks before finding his passion to become a small business owner. Aron is passionate about building, creating, finding “one of a kind” treasures, and providing humanity with the heart and soul of local, grass roots, and handmade products that leaves each person he encounters with a smile. This passionate drive is consistently nurtured and supported by his loving wife, Renée, (who wrote this bio for Aron since he’s far too humble to write about himself)!!

The Colorado Refuge, LLC, located in Colorado Springs, CO, is Aron's platform for allowing each customer the refuge they've been seeking and will be the legacy he leaves to his incredibly talented children. Come find your unique one-of-a-kind treasure, and experience The Colorado Refuge, LLC for yourself!  



Our Services


Retail Store 

Take a load off in our retail store while you shop handmade & repurposed merchandise, including (but not limited to): 

  • Motorcycle, custom parts & accessories

  • Antique, vintage, repurposed goods

  • Custom Tee-Shirts & logo wear

    • Women’s & Men’s sizes

    • Brands by Canvas© Hanes© Bella©

  • Leatherworks, custom parts, & more handmade by local artist, Aron Bowen

    • Dog collars

    • Earrings

    • Wallets

    • Journals

    • Wrist cuffs

    • Key chains

    • Motorcycle bags

    • & more!!!

  • Community collaborative by independent & talented artisans who are passionate about their craft

Dirty Class
At The Colorado Refuge, it is Never A Dull Moment
Enjoy the Vintage Evolution & Support your Local DIRTY-CLASS”
— Aron Bowen
1959 VW Beetle


Our products

Handmade Leather-bound Road Journal for a 1966 Electra-glide named Brandywine

Handmade Leather-bound Road Journal for a 1966 Electra-glide named Brandywine

Custom Motorcycle Bag 

Custom Motorcycle Bag 

Aron hand stitching a clutch

Aron hand stitching a clutch

The Colorado-New Mexico Gypsy Girl 

The Colorado-New Mexico Gypsy Girl 

Logo Wear Tee's & Beanies 

Logo Wear Tee's & Beanies 

Mother's Day Custom Clutch 

Mother's Day Custom Clutch 

Cuffs, Dog Collars, Earrings, Journals & More!

Cuffs, Dog Collars, Earrings, Journals & More!



Satisfied Customers




Aron would like to hear from you. Questions? Don't hesitate... it truly is never a dull moment around The Refuge. Email or call now with any questions.

Phone: (719) 726-0023

Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80918


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