about us

The Colorado Refuge, LLC was borne out of the charismatic imagination of Aron Bowen. Aron is a Colorado native of Buena Vista, CO hand-delivered in a cabin alongside the Cottonwood pass with only his Mom, Dad & two sisters present. Raised in the high elevation of the San Luis Valley in Alamosa, CO it was there that Aron grew an appreciation for the mountain tops, the open roads, and the free spirited lifestyle from which he originated. Upon turning 18 years of age and spreading his wings, he traveled 8,000 miles across this great country on his motorcycle. Just a man, his bike, his pack, and his thoughts. This, of course, was only the first of many more adventures and many more miles. Aron became a certified Harley

 mechanic graduating from the MotorcycleMechanics Institute in Phoenix, AZ. Returning to his roots in beautiful, high Colorado to raise his  3 children he overcame many hard knocks before again finding his passion for building, creating, trading, and bringing classic vehicles and motorcycles into the lives of others. The Colorado Refuge, LLC is Aron's platform for making each customer's dream come true and will be the legacy he leaves to his two daughters & son. Whether you want the ride of your life, unique one-of-a-kind handmade or repurposed goods, or photos to last a lifetime with a rare classic - The Colorado Refuge, LLC offers you just the opportunity you're looking for. Come see for yourself!